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Boat Insurance

PWC Insurance & Trailer Insurance

Australians love the water and their boats, whether it be for sailing, water skiing or power cruisers, boat ownership is high on the agenda for a considerable amount of people. Protecting this asset and the potential liability claims that can be made against you is very important.

There are two sections to a standard boat policy…


– Boat
– Motors
– Trailer
– Sails, masts, spars, standing & running rigging
– Listed boat accessories and safety gear

Policies should be extended to include ‘skiers liability’ to cover damages caused by a person being towed.

Third Party Property Damage – Insures you, and any person allowed by you, to control your boat against liability claims for:

– Accidental death or bodily injury to other people

– Accidental damage to other peoples property

– Accidental death or injury to an aqua planer or water skier being towed by your boat (optional cover)

– Accidental damage to another persons property caused by an aqua planer or water skier being towed by your boat (optional cover)

On some polices the option is available to reduce your premium by electing ‘lay up’ cover. This means that during the selected months your boat will only be covered whilst it is at a designated location (in storage), no on road or on water cover is given during this period.